A local drinker has today made a suggestion that raised a few eyebrows in his social circle.

Bradley Stubbs brought on a few scoffs from his friends by beginning to rave about this ‘new drink called a seltzer, that everyone has to try.’

Acting like all his mates have lived under a rock for the last 12 months or so, Stubbs then continued to spriuk the drink to the friendship group who continued to look upon him rather curiously.

“Guys, seriously, you’ve gotta try one, here, have one of these Saintly ones,” he said with his new favourite drink in his hand.

Deriving from an old German word for sparkling water, a Seltzer is essentially just an alcoholic bubbly water.

Popularised In America, the hard alcoholic water has taken our nation by storm over the last few months, cementing itself for plenty of people as the drink of the summer.

“What? They are really good,” continued the man seemingly under the impression that no one would have tried the drinks that have popped up in every single bottle-o.

“This Saintly one’s real tasty too,” he says, taking a sip from the can in his hand.

“Should we give that new WAP song a run,” laughs one of his friends who has been pumping the low calorie alcoholic beverages for the last few months.

“Oi Brad, have you heard of Birkenstocks,” chimes in another one of his friends.

“Man you gotta watch the Last Dance?” laughs another.

The gentle prodding continued for a short period of time before everyone confirmed to Stubbs that they had indeed tried some seltzer, and then requested he hand a few Saintly’s around to the group.

More to come.  


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