A local man in his early 30s has channeled the unshakeable spirit of David Goggins after his missus dragged him on a walk that turned out to be, shockingly, actual exercise.

Eoin Murphy (31), had long considered himself a somewhat fit individual, and although he hasn’t had to break a sweat in a few years, still fancies himself in the athletic realm. However, after a night of drinking with mates and a late night kebab,he was hit with a morning bombshell.

Thomas had forgotten that he’d agreed to an early morning walk with his girlfriend a few days prior, and there was no hope of getting out of this one.

“The first thing I had to do when I found out the news was to think of the famous words of David Goggins; don’t stop when you’re tired, stop when you’re done”.

“Giving up was simply a mindset, one step after the other” , Thomas had to say as he tied up his shoes while criminally hungover.

While many believe that a 4km walk on a beautiful Sunday with a loved one shouldn’t be so difficult, Thomas vehemently disagrees.

“You don’t understand, I’m already meant to be cutting back on drinking and my girlfriend really wants this to become a weekly thing, I need to perform here.. it’s all come down to this.”

With the pressure mounting, Thomas was able to complete the walk despite the pain and a blindingly painful hangover.

“I really had to dig deep, but I ticked all the boxes, was able to follow the conversation, kept a good pace and didn’t throw up.

I can confidently say that David Goggins got me through the whole thing.”


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