Brent Williams has been struggling today.

Bringing in the New Year with a party at a mate’s place that only finished a few hours ago around some outdoor furniture, Williams says he feels like he’s been hit by a bus.

“My head feels like it’s been cleaved open by a blunt axe,” he sighed to our reporter while the pair waited for an early Thai lunch at Thai Mi Up.

“But let me tell ya, this softie is bringing me back,” he laughed pointing to the Bundaberg Tropical Mango drink that seems to be mandatory for every Thai restaurant to serve.

“With every pop of carbon inside the mouth that I desecrated last night, I can feel the life coursing back into my veins. Right in time for me to dump a huge Padt Thai in there and slow everything down for the afternoon.”

“It’s like the oral version of wading out into the surf and floating in the water for a few minutes.”

“And it feels incredible.  Mango in a soft drink?” he says looking down at the bottle he’s nearly polished off before his lunch has arrived.

“Strange, but delicious.”

“And it doesn’t remind me of anything I had last night.”

“I think if I tried to stomach a Coke, the muscle memory would have me dry heaving out the front of this joint like a golden days Footy Show panellist after eating a chilli,” he laughed.

“Fuck, just thinking about it’s making me queasy.”

He then polished off his rejuvenator and walked up to the fridge to get another drink.

“Might try the Guava one,” he laughed.

“And I ordered some more springies.”

“Why not.”


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