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A local woman with a bad habit of hyper fixating on very sad things has already kickstarted her day off on the wrong note this morning, by randomly thinking about that dog that was sent to space by the Soviet Union in 1957.

Also known as ‘Laika.’

A devastating story that tends to make the rounds on social media at least once a week, ‘Laika the space dog’ was a mixed breed stray that was one of the first animals to enter space and the first living creature to orbit earth, on board the satellite Sputnik 2.

Sadly, Laika not only did not make the journey (as intended) but it also highly likely that she was stressed and confused for the several hours she spent in flight.

It’s alleged Nat McDermott was walking to work when her mind mysteriously conjured up the sad tidbit she remembered reading on Facebook a few years ago, sending her instantly into a depressive spiral.

“I think about her every few months”, Nat told The Advocate, “about how scared and confused she would have been.”

“Sometimes when my boyfriend sees my crying randomly, he asks, ‘Nat, have you been thinking about the space dog again?”

“And two times out of ten, he’s correct.”

Letting out a small sob, Nat says it hurts more knowing that Laika was described as a ‘sweet and gentle dog” and that she was “kissed on the nose before she was put in the hatch.”

“One of the scientists said he took Laika home to play with his kids before the mission,” Nat wails, “she would have been so happy doing that.”

“She probably thought it was her new home, and then, and then…”

Nat excuses herself from the conversation to violently sob into her arms.

More to come.


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