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A French Quarter real estate agent claims he was unfairly dismissed within 24 hours of attending his work Christmas party, for refusing to partake in extra curricular activities with his workmates, it’s reported.

Stewart Gaines Moore, 25, tells our reporter that he received an email Saturday morning calling for him to immediately pack up his things, as his poor behaviour suggested that not only was he a bad team player but that he also wasn’t the right culture fit as previously thought.

Having worked at Alpha Bro Real Estate for three months, Stewart says this has come as a complete surprise, and has him reflecting on his choice of career.

He relays the incident to our reporter.

“I was trying to be on my best behaviour, as I know how quickly work Christmas parties can go south”, explains Stewart, “but as I quickly learned, real estate parties are on a whole other level.”

“I’m not really a big drinker, so I was feeling pretty sleepy by the 9pm mark.”

“That’s when my boss offered me a bump of cocaine.”

“I said, ‘nah mate, I’m good, I might call it a night.”

“And you could have heard a penny drop.”

Stewart goes on to explain that every agent had turned around to look at him after making that remark, citing that it ‘felt as though the temperature changed.’

“They all just stared at me like I was an alien.”

“It was like I was secretly given a test, and it was very clear I’d failed.”

More to come.


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