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The squad began lighting him up on the group chat before the sun came up.

Not because he made an inappropriate pass at someone he shouldn’t have and not because he publically exposed him.

He blacked out, telling his friends he can’t remember anything after 5pm. He was on autopilot.

But the boys cannot stop laughing at him because, in the depths of his binge, he told a complete stranger about his strained relationship with his estranged step-brother.

“I don’t think I needed to put all that heavy shit on that poor bloke,” said 26-year-old city worker Jackson Bogg.

“God, imagine what he was thinking? I bet he thought I was nuts,”

“And now it’s all I can think about, the look on this blokes face the whole time. Fuck man, it’s haunting me. I can’t seem to shake the embarrassment. Fuck! I know this feeling will pass but Jesus wept, man. I feel really on edge here,”

“I just have to learn from this experience, maybe I might even consider taking a month off the piss.”

A QLD Health spokesman confirmed to The Advocate that feelings such as these pass and that the easiest way to remedy them is to hang on with both hands and take the ride.

More to come.




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