30 March, 2017. 13:23

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The third-most prolific shoegaze band in Betoota has shunned their lo-fi sound ahead of the release of their first album next month, citing that they actually have some “pretty good lyrics” and people deserve to hear them.

Quran Quran Renault Megane burst onto the East Betoota music scene in 1993, with local chart topping singles such as Kaleidoscope Colonoscopy and Bucket Bong Time Machine – that latter of which garnered personal acclaim from Molly Meldrum.

However, for the long-awaited debut album, the vaporwave-cum-shoegaze quartet has revealed they’ve recorded their new songs in Hi-Fi down in Brisbane.

“I just think it was time,” said drummer Leeroy Bathplug, 34, known locally for changing his name to Leeroy Bathplug at age 18. “Connor’s writing has been next level. Our listeners deserve to hear it.”

Bathplug’s sentiments were echoed by bassist and occasional keyboardist Graham Nerada, 57, who said that Connor’s lyrics have entered another dimension.

“Yeah man,” he said. “He went on this backpacker slash fruit-picking odyssey through regional Victoria and really found himself. The proof is in the pudding man, it’s some real etch, but tight shit. Fuck Pitchfork!”

However, lead singer and songwriter Connor Duskcrunch said he doesn’t really remember what happened in regional Victoria, but whatever happened was magical.

“Our manager, Reggie Maddan, really helped us out on this one,” said Connor. “He got us through it all, helped put the record together and got us dinner with the drummer from Powderfinger. It was him who said that lo-fi is out and that I sing like Bernie and the punter should hear it.”

Quran Quran Renault Megane’s first album entitled Emergency Brake Heartache will be made available on Spotify on May 6 with physical copies hitting shelves a week after.




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