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A man who sits behind a computer making sure other computers are working in a computer company has today revealed that he’s actually a cultured man of refined taste.

Anthony Hull [32] could be heard explaining to his coworkers that he was not a fan of ‘the bean juice’, and much preferred to kickstart his day with an energy drink- even going as far as to lovingly explain the flavour profile of his drink of choice like a New York Times writer who’s gone a bit heavy on the Thesaurus.

It’s unknown if any of his nearby coworkers were paying much attention to his ramblings, but a passionate Hull didn’t seem that bothered as delved into a series of random phrases only a cork dork would understand.

Targeting the new intern Ollie to be his unwilling audience member, Hull explained that he prefers a can of V in the morning because it has a good ‘mouth feel.’

“Smooth and fruity… he continued, “and with a distinct finish.”

Swirling his can of V before taking a small, sharp sniff, Hull adds that it  “also has the distinct aroma of cedarwood campfires and Argentinian truffles.”

“Perfectly paired with a small serve of chicken chips.”

“Or a sausage roll.”

More to come.



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