12 May, 2017. 14:23

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Mesmerised by the iconic Storm Thorguson-designed prism and refracting light motif that’s become synonymous with Pink Floyd’s 1973 breakthrough album Dark Side Of The Moon, a South Betoota high school student order a stylish tee with the album cover on it last month.

It arrived this morning before school.

The British prog-rock group’s most successful line disbanded in 1985, with three original members electing to carry on throughout the 90’s to meet mixed critical and commercial acclaim.

However, the band’s music isn’t what inspired Matthew Coolidge to buy a tee shirt sporting one of their album covers, he just saw a celebrity wearing one and thought it was the cat’s pyjamas.

“I saw Harry Styles wearing one and I thought, ‘Hey that’s cool,’ so I got one, then I started listening to the actual music and it wasn’t half bad. It goes for fucken ages and you have to skip ahead to the cool parts, but yeah, I liked it,” said the 16-year-old.

“I googled them but it said they broke up ages ago but got back together. They released an album like three years ago or something, so I was just wondering if they were still touring with it,”

“Yeah turns out they’re not. One of the dudes is full on dead. Worth a try, but.”

More to come.



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