26 October 2016. 10:25


Local Greek, Toolio Runamakas has made a wild assumption that the two girls standing at the bar of the South Betoota Hotel are not Greek.

But he’s gonna check, just in case

“Hello ladies, my name is Toolio. I was just wondering… Do you girls have any Greek in you?”

The girls, Sarah and Sophie (both 22) who are initially impressed by his ethnically instilled confidence, respond.

Sarah: “Not that I know of”

Sophie: “No, but my grandma was Italian.”

Toolio responds.

“So, no Greek in you?”

Girls: “No”

This response is exactly what Toolio had been hoping for, as this seemingly innocent conversation turns into a light-hearted attempt at maybe having sexual intercourse. He asks another question.

“Would you like some?”

With both women deciding not to answer and now feeling kind of creeped out, Toolio saves the day with a subtle back pedal from his intense mediterranean style of courtship.

“[chuckles] Nah, I’m just playing”

“What are your names?”

Sophie begins texting her boyfriend who is at the other end of the bar and Sarah orders another drink.

This isn’t the first time Toolio Runamakas has made headlines on The Betoota Advocate for his Greekness. Last month it was reported that Toolio claimed The Greeks invented every single code of football.



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