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Thinking he had it made because he walks to work each day through a nice park, Miles Frucor knows deep down that things could be better.

More often than not, the 28-year-old corporate lawyer sees a troupe of gipsies in the park slacklining of a morning time – and he can’t help but feel jealous of their lifestyle.

“I mean, just look at these fucking bongheads,” he said.

“Not a care in the world. All they do it smoke dope and walk on that bloody jockey strap thing. What a life, hey? People like us are just making other people rich,”

“But still, I like owning a BMW and living in a nice place with cool shit on the walls. But yeah, nah. Sometimes, I feel like throwing my Clarkes in the creek and joining them. Not every day, but when I’ve had a cunt of a day or something.”

Mr Frucor’s sentiments regarding the park gipsies were echoed by the gipsies themselves, who say that their lifestyle is indeed enviable.

Speaking candidly to The Advocate, the head gypsy spoke of how he and his friends spend their time doing what they want, instead of what capitalism wants them to.

But he stopped short of saying that Miles would be better off with his Clarkes in the creek and his feet on the strap.

“Some people are supposed to be cogs in the machine, others are not,” said the sarong-wearing man.

“Miles is a cog,”

“He’s the kind of person who we ask for showers and cigarettes from. I’d trade like 20 hours of massage for an iPhone, though. So keep that in mind, I’ve got great hands.”

More to come.


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