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An owner of a boutique insurance agency has this week solved the ongoing malaise circulating amongst his employees, by organising a special little event for them all to partake in – planting trees on a Sunday morning!

Kicking off at 7am, employees at Big Logic Insurance are expected to spend at least four hours planting trees in the French Quarter park, before finishing their morning off with a group lunch, where they’ll all be forced to go around in a circle and talk about their biggest accomplishments of the year.

Speaking to Big Logic’s owner, 43 year old Garth Harrison, The Advocate discovers the inspiration behind this outing.

“I try to do what I can”, says Garth, evidently not referring to pay rises or providing a better work/life balance, “and like I’ve always said, forcing employees to partake in a group bonding activity during their free time is the best way to boost office morale.”

“Especially if it involves some hard work and sacrifice.”

“I think that really helps to frame their perspective a bit, you know?”

However, it appears his employees do not seem to echo this sentiment – with the general consensus being, ‘please god no.’

“I’m going to sound like a massive asshole, but I’m just not feeling that altruistic”, says one employee, who doesn’t wish to be named, “I’ve done that many food banks and fun runs.”

“Fuck me, my girlfriend’s boss took them all out go karting.”

More to come.


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