Whoever said there was a man drought in the Greater Betoota Metropolitan Area were gravely mistaken.

This myth was busted tonight, after local bachelor Dennis ‘Big Denny’ Dewson (33) went BIG for a date with a girl he met on the apps.

Having perused her photos, which mostly showed her enjoying the sights of continental Europe on her post-pandemic eurotrip – Big Denny deduced that his date might enjoy ‘European food’.

Unfortunately the local Polish restaurant was closed due to an asbestos scare, but luckily he was able to snag a table at a nearby Modern Australian joint.

Or as they say in the culinary world: ‘mod oz’

“Yeah so basically it’s like Australian food with a bit of a European flair” he told The Betoota Advocate, with a sheepish smile

“A bit like the special lady I’m taking to dinner tonight”

However, not one to base his first impressions of something as shallow as photographs – Big Denny also gently quizzed tonight’s date about her interests.

Namely, favourite song, favourite book, favourite chocolate, biggest turn offs, favourite footy team, mother’s maiden name, her family heritage, and lastly… favourite movie.

“Eat, Pray, Love” he chuckles.

“Glad I got the lowdown”

“Make way for the religious guy!”


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