One of Betoota’s most eligible bachelors is getting creative in the kitchen tonight as he looks to curate a Michelin star worthy meal.

Having been gifted a Phillips XXL Eazi-Fry Deluxe for Christmas, Duncan Dunt (29) is one of the many single blokes in town who has fallen in love with his air-fryer, a kitchen appliance he almost uses more than his electric toothbrush.

Much like how suburban mothers in Betoota Heights will swear by their Thermomix, Duncan simply can’t live without his air-fryer and cherishes its ability to turn any frozen food into a somewhat edible dinner.

“It’s so good, just throw a few chicken tenders in there and it does them way better than the microwave!” Duncan told The Advocate as he began blowing the ice off some boxes of things he’d found in his deep freezer.

“There’s no need to go to the pub tonight, this thing can fry anything!”

But after punching through a 2kg bag of chicken wedges over the weekend and polishing off his last remaining hash browns last night, The Advocate can report that this evening Duncan only has a stale box of fish fingers to work with in his quest for dinner.

However, not one to let the dwindling ingredients in his pantry stop him, Duncan decided he’d channel his own brand of Massimo Bottura and do an Italian number on the breaded dolphin sticks he’d found in his freezer.

Putting a thick squirt of pizza sauce over six fish fingers, Duncan then sprinkled some tasty cheese on top as well as a flick of chili flakes.

“That’ll do it, should be done in 15!” he said as he took a long slug from the long neck on his kitchen bench.

“As they’d say in Italy, bon appetit!”


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