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She’s not asking for much, just a little bit of decorum during business hours.

A junior asset manager at Bell Potter’s South Betoota office has spoken candidly to The Advocate this after about some of the language her coworkers use day-to-day.

And from what she told us, it’s far, far from professional.

“It’s almost like I’m invisible,” said Alex Gillies, who took time out of her busy afternoon working for the McDonalds of private wealth management firms, to chat with our reporter about one word in particular.

“Like, I hear that work nine to ten times a day. C-word this, c-word that. That bloke’s a c-word. Why is our boss such a c-word. I’m fucking sitting right here, guys. Can you fucking control yourself? Every time I hear that word, it’s like someone slipped an ice cube down the back of my blouse,”

“Am I being unreasonable? Do I sound like a bitch? Maybe I’m being too much of a prude? It’s 2018 after all and I guess I should just learn to use the word as flippantly as all the other pigs in my department with their weak jawlines and scuffed pleather loafers in the name of equality? Nah, fuck that.”

Our reporter reached out to Govin Simmons, who’s been working alongside Alex for close to a year now.

After a short five minute conversation with him, it was clear to The Advocate that he was one of the main c-word slingers around the office.

“I’ve got this tired old c–t of a client who keeps ringing me to ask how much exposure his portfolio has to medicinal cannabis stocks. Like fucking chill, c–t. I’ll get you your 10%,” he said, to our female reporter.

With that, our reporter got up and gave a knowing nod to Alex and walked out without saying goodbye.

More to come.


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