Local far-right Aussie patriot Bryce Catterall has taken a break from his conspiracies regarding Zionist world domination to express his concern for the lives of non-Arabs living near the Gaza strip.

Catterall, who has posted upwards of sixteen anti-Israeli rants to Youtube, says the live rounds and gas canisters being lobbed into crowds of Palestinian families are more than necessary, because peace is unachievable otherwise.

As Israel’s hi-tech military comes under scathing international criticism for killing up to Palestinian protesters, including women and children, Bryce believes anyone showing sympathy to those who have died are leftists with their own agenda and clearly cannot grasp the historical, factual, religious, economic, military aspects of this tragedy that has been executed by Hamas, and by proxy any Muslim standing near the fence.

“You soap-dodging lefties will never understand. These people are terrorists”

“There are innocent Israelis who live in fear of being attacked by these people every day”

Bryce’s comments come shortly after it was revealed that the One Nation Party has held crisis talks to discuss which side of the conflict they should be siding with.

It is believed the Rothschilds conspiracy faction of One Nation were quick to symptathise with the Palestinians, while the ‘Islam is not a race’ faction were steering towards supporting Israel.

It is believed Pauline Hanson will make her stance on the conflict public once she has received confirmation that Shoaib Akhtar was not hurt in yesterday’s massacre.


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