Despite the fact that his friend’s house party is well and truly pumping, Brad Miller (20) has decided to find a table in the courtyard and smoke marijuana non-stop through a ceramic bong.

The fact that he has brought his own novelty bong with him to a party where most people are drinking cocktails is not lost on the hosts or other the other partygoers, it has been confirmed.

One witness, Sarah, says his behaviour is flat out anti-social.

“There’s a few people here smoking joints. That’s pretty standard behaviour but to sit down and just rip billies is pretty full on”

“He’s even doing that thing that stoners do where they tap the cone piece with the lighter to make sure it all goes through”

Brad’s close mate, Tyler, says its not rare for the boys to smoke bongs, but in front of heaps of people, most of who are standing up, is pretty weird.

“I hope everything is alright at home”

“There’s heaps of chicks here. The ratio is good, all the booze has been put on… Not sure why the big fella is sitting there playing the gatorade sax”

When asked for comment Brad said something about the amount of people wearing lame collared shirts and pointed out that the music was shit.


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