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A small child spoke freely with The Advocate yesterday during a local wedding, saying he’d had enough and wanted to go home.

Sam Allison (9) told our reporter, who was also present at the wedding, that he’d been up since the ‘early morning’ and was beginning to get fed up with the whole thing.

“I’m so bored and tired,” he said.

“And these shoes are uncomfy and so is this tie. I don’t even know these people getting married. Dad didn’t let me bring my DS and he also won’t let me play on his phone. Mum has been drinking all day and makes me talk to her friends whenever she sees me so I’ve been hiding from her,”

“I want to go home.”

Our reporters at the scene were able to verify and corroborate young Sam’s version of the story.

His father, Glenn, said that he doesn’t like the idea of using an electronic device to amuse a child when they should be ‘running amok’ like kids did in his day.

And Sam’s mother, who asked not to be named, said that her son should ‘go play with the other kids or something’ instead of complaining and whining.

“We will leave the wedding when my wife wants to, not Sam, unfortunately,” said Glenn.

“Look, I’m in the same boat as Sam. I want to go but it’s my wife’s cousin’s wedding so I think we’re here for some time yet. I’m going to get Sam a Fanta or something to pep him up a bit. He’ll make it.”

More to come.


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