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A local bloke has this week attempted to convince a Night Owl clerk that his late night purchases are completely innocent, insisting that the reason he was shopping for a packet of balloons and box of cream chargers at 10pm was because he was simply ‘doing some late night Birthday shopping.’

Speaking to the clerk who was working the till Sunday night, The Advocate discovers that it’s not the first time he’s heard this excuse, nor does he give a shit.

“Yeah this young guy came in asking for some cream chargers for a whipped can dispenser”, says Ben Lu, 25, “usually people just straight up ask for nangs.”

“It’s the Betoota ponds for Christ’s sake, we have them in full eye view right behind the counter.”

Lu says the young gentleman had attempted to look as though he was trying to remember items on a grocery list, before just ‘remembering’ that he also needed some balloons as well!

“Again, we have balloons right next to the chargers. We’re not stupid”, he laughs, “he starts telling me he’s hosting a Birthday party and they forgot to get the balloons and bake a cake blah blah.”

“It’s 10pm mate, the only thing that’s getting baked is you.”

More to come.


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