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In his position as both the Southwest Queensland Young Monarchists League President and the local Young Nationals Treasurer, Sam Walton-Bruce does a lot of handwriting.

And has a leftie, smudges often follow everything he writes.

It’s one of life’s small inconveniences, according to the 24-year-old.

He took the time to speak to The Advocate on this hot Thursday afternoon about how being a leftie has impacted upon his short life.

“Doing exams is the worst,” he said.

“Even if you really try to keep your hand above or below the line, you still seem to smudge everything. But my two jobs I have now require me to do a lot of handwriting and the people who have to read it often complain about how illegible it is.”

When Sam was a schoolboy The Whooton School, an exclusive, prestigious and above all, leafy, private school in Betoota Grove, his teachers attempted to beat the leftie out of him.

On one occasion, he came to school on a fancy dress fundraising day dressed as Ned Flanders with the word, ‘Leftorium’, printed across the front of a jumper.

Staff allowed some of the other boarding students to beat him with gym shoes placed in a wash bag as punishment for being a leftie, what was reported by The Advocate at the time.

They ultimately failed to curb his left cursive leanings.

“I’ve been a proud Young National since I left the school,” he said.

“I’ve been and will continue to be a loyal subject to Queen Elizabeth II and may God permit her a long and healthy life.”

“I haven’t let being a massive leftie hold me back.”

More to come.



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