Following the news that a transgender woman has been cleared to play in state and territory women’s leagues in 2018, Melbourne’s reactionary print media is unable to allocate enough attention to the second biggest social issue in Victoria, African gangs.

The news that Hannah Mouncey will be allowed to play football at an amatuer level comes as the AFL finalises its gender diversity policy for the national league.

However, the story has clearly stolen front page real estate from the migrant youth loitering and causing shit in the Victorian capital.

“This transgenders taking over AFL angle is surprisingly stronger than African teenagers taking over Melbourne” said one collumnist, who spend last night googling the different players in state-level AFLW that might be losing a spot to Mouncey.

“It’s a shame. It would be great if we could do both… But we can only really dehumanise one minority at a time”

“Ideally we’d get a transgender South Sudanese footy star who wants to get married in a church. But a hack can only dream”

The AFL blocked Mouncey from entering last year’s AFLW draft after she had played several games for Ainslie in the ACT women’s league.

Previously, Mouncey would have had to apply to the individual league she wanted to play for and be given clearance, but the ruling means she is automatically accepted into any league under the AFL umbrella.


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