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Rather than bob his head along to the Top 40 like he used to do, Mark Douglas is now a podcast person.

The Betoota Heights resident and H Train regular is a recent subscriber of the popular Outback Strangler podcast which goes through a number of unsolved murders in the wider district.

Despite a thorough investigation by local police, homicide detectives from the cosmopolitan south-east and reporters here at The Advocate – all of the cases remain cold thirty years later.

“It makes for compelling listening,” said the man who receives money for doing things inside an office.

“All those people the killer, or killers murdered. And their families. Jesus. But yeah, I’m addicted to it. It’s great and I like all the graphic details, like the presenter full on tells you how they died,”

“So interesting but so fucked up at the same time.”

The podcast is written and presented by Clive Overell, first-cousin-once-removed of Clancy Overell, editor of The Advocate.

Though he’s estranged from most of his family for repeatedly exposing himself at a family wedding, Clive’s podcast about the unsolved murders garners over a thousand local downloads a week and continues to grow around the state.

He didn’t want to comment publically on the podcast but released a short statement on the success of his project.

“I’m happy all these people can find such entertainment and enjoyment out of these shocking, horrible crimes,” he said.

“If it wasn’t for you, nobody would be talking about these crimes. I hope one day we can solve them.”

More to come.





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