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It appears that millennials have officially handed over the ‘killing an industry’ baton to Gen Z, with many publicans reporting that the Tik Tok generation is simply ‘not interested’ in drinking.

Speaking to the owner of The Darling Hotel, Greg Langdon, The Advocate discovers that apparently young people aren’t that keen on getting shitfaced in public establishments anymore, or spending half their hourly wage on a pint of beer.

“We hardly ever have people under the age of twenty five in here”, says Langdon, shaking his head in disgust, “and whenever we have some pop in for a gig, they’re all on the bloody lemonades!”

“This new generation has gone soft.”

It appears that Langdon isn’t the only person to notice this change in drinking habits, with many news outlets reporting a lack of hedonistic behaviour during schoolies – much to their disappointment.

There have been many theories as to why Gen Z doesn’t appear to be that keen on booze, with plenty of armchair psychologists stating it must come down to the feeling of being constantly surveilled, or the threat that your peers will film and upload your drunken behaviour for the entire world to see.

Or, it could simply be put down to the fact that bars are just too fucking expensive to go to now, according to local woman, Jen Pullman.

“I’m thirty, make a decent wage, and I don’t go out half as much as I used to”, says Jen  “if I can’t afford a night out, twenty year olds making a minimum wage certainly can’t.”

“Plus, we had all those reckless alcohol promotions when I was a teenager.”

“It’s probably not a bad thing that Gen Z are drinking less.”

More to come.


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