A Betoota fishing supplies shop has admitted it has phoned things in recently but that sales have never been better. 

The confusingly named Ponds Sea Fishing Supplies, in Betoota Ponds, sells a range of fishing rods, lines and lures as well as a curated selection of cheeky shirts that have some funny ways to say ‘I fish for a hobby’ as well as one that literally just says that.

Ponds Sea Fishing Supplies owner, also confusingly named Frank Sea (66), says his new unclever range of fishing shirts have been an immediate hit amongst local fishers.

“I used to break my brain thinking of fishing puns,” stated Sea as he screenprinted a shirt that read ‘Fishing is better than my wife’.

“I had plundered Pinterest for every last morsel of fishing humour. It was a waste of my time. It was time I could have spent fishing.”

“Hmmm, that sounded good. Let’s put that on a shirt.”

At the time of writing, Frank claims his best selling shirts currently read ‘I enjoy fishing’, ‘I find fishing to be an enjoyable recreational activity’ and ‘Just go fishing for once you cunt’.

“Although the best seller is the one that just says ‘Fish’. There’s one that just says ‘Fishing’ if you really want people to think you’re a proper joker.” 


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