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Much like most every twenty something woman, Jacqui Grimley devoured the second season of Bridgerton the minute it came out, which has so far managed to dominate her thoughts two weeks later, as she dreams of wearing pretty dresses and attending balls, instead of enjoying her right to vote.

Having long grown disillusioned with the world of modern dating, seeing as she was often used to receiving monosymbollic words and single emojis as part of the ‘courting process’, Jacqui has found herself irrationally fantasising about living in high society Victorian England. Though after a few quick google searches, she’s unfortunately discovered that the Bridgerton showrunners have taken a few liberties and the reality of living during that time would actually be immersibly awful – even if the blokes did write the occasional long love letters. Likely, as it’s probably easier to be passionate and want for marriage, knowing you likely won’t live past forty.

This sad thought has come after Jacqui found herself yearning for the leading byronic hero yet again, which you can’t really blame her for, considering he was written by a woman. She talks to our reporter about her thoughts, and why she probably wouldn’t’ transport herself to the past if she had the chance.

“Look, lets be honest. Anthony and Simon would have gotten syphilis. Or at least the clap.”

“There’s absolutely no way they could have frequented brothels as much as they did and come out clear.”

“That, or they had to manufacture their own condoms.”

“And you know what those were made of? Fucking sheep intestines.”

“Not to mention they only bath once a month and deodorant doesn’t exist.”

“Yeah the reality isn’t so hot now eugh.”

More to come.


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