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A Betoota Ponds bloke has yet again proven that he doesn’t really know himself that well, by yet again agreeing to do a three hour hike on a Sunday morning at the unreasonable start time of 5am.

It’s alleged Benny Hughes was seen typing a ‘sure, sounds good!’ into the boys group chat, all the while forgetting that he’d also agreed to go to a warehouse rave the night before.

Despite making this mistake at least three times, it appears that Benny will never learn the cardinal rule – never, ever say yes to early morning exercise if you’re alcoholic.

“He never learns”, says his long suffering girlfriend, Sara, who will no doubt have to deal with his whinging Sunday morning, “he’s going to get up at 4am and absolutely hate himself.”

When asked why he simply doesn’t cancel, Sara says he gets weirdly stubborn about the whole thing.

“He’ll start going on about keeping his word, which is all good and well but he’ll start whinging about it days in advance.”

“And then he’ll hate every second of it and do it all again next month!”

More to come.


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