As gentrification continues the tradition of young renting millennials mingling with older immigrant homeowners the juiciest bit of neighbourhood lore is bound to hashed up at some point.

In Betoota’s Flight Path District, Italian expat Guiseppe Catalano filled in his young neighbours on a dark chapter of their block’s history; how a man who he swears was a hitman used to live in their apartment.

“He was the real deal from Sicily I swear it to you,” stated Mr Catalano, pointing a finger to the sky as if to make sure God heard about it as well.

“Real hitman, drove a black car with tinted windows and had two big dogs.”

According to Mr Catalano, the former tenant of his neighbouring apartment during the ‘90s was a high-level mafia hitman who presumably lived in regional Queensland because he liked the sun. 

Despite lacking evidence that his former neighbour, who claimed to be a landscaper, was in fact a mafia hitman, Mr Cantalano is certain he identified the clues that his neighbour is a killer and has the 30 year anecdotes to prove it.

“He said to me he could do the bathroom for free, we just had to leave for a whole week, stay with his cousins in Amalfi. I said no because I did not know which person he’d be burying beneath my bath.”

“I know, always, I know.”


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