Suburb renowned bongrat Tony Ricky (24) has taken a hit in the cool polls after the rest of his sharehouse overheard his corporate persona during a work Zoom meeting.

Styling himself after a young Keith Richards, Ricky is known around his share house as trying to be a bit of a loose bloke.

Previously, Ricky’s ‘she’ll be right’ ethos has been the subject of several of his Latin language home tattoo jobs but even the ink in his skin was shocked when he launched into work-mode infront of his housemates.

At around 2pm, Ricky joined a work Zoom meeting in his share house living room as there is literally not a single corner of his bedroom that is not covered in shit, giving his housemates a taste of his capitalist second persona.

“Haha, yeah it’s a stressful time for all of us,” said Ricky as his housemates giggled at what a corporate doodle he suddenly became.

“Should there be some sort of client outreach to thank them for their continued support during this troubled time?”

According to his housemates, other highlights of Ricky’s work meeting included him introducing himself with two truths and one line, referring to himself as a digital guru and laughing at every horrible joke his boss made.

“It wasn’t even like real laughing, it was like the canned stuff straight off the set of Two and a Half Men,” stated one of Ricky’s housemates after they had laughed themself pink.

“It was like ‘huh huh huh haah, you’re all class Craig!’”

“He said he ‘hopes everyone has been taking care of themselves.’ Haha yeah get fucked Ricky!”


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