A beloved elderly celebrity has let society down again after making it public knowledge that he is in a relationship with a woman his own age.

Known for having a place in the heart of every nana in Australia, classic film actor Rudy Rutherford has revealed he has still got a bit of go in him by announcing a new relationship at age 76.

Although he has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and photo at Harry’s Cafe de Wheels, Rutherford has decided to forgo the currency of fame and start dating a woman his own age, 76-year-old former girl group singer Pearl Revon.

Having come from a time when sexism was OK, many are used to famous men of about Rutherford’s age shaking up with any young woman wanting a few more Insta follows.

Yet despite the fact he would be immediately forgiven for this behaviour, Rutherford made the call to enjoy the company of someone his own age, possibly because he wants to spend time with someone he has things in common with or some other unknown fetish.

“It just sends a bad message to the kids,” said Betoota Advocate gossip writer Trude Todd.

“A woman her age at his age…it’s just not right. They probably understand each other’s references and everything.”

At the time of writing Rutherford has refused to comment on his sans age gap relationship but states he looks forward to death so he doesn’t have to deal with any more tabloids.


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