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The Australian Federal Police have tracked down disgraced former Dolphins 4th-grade captain and club treasurer Lewis Karnava to the remote Greek island of Icaria, where it’s understood he’s been laying low in the wake of allegations that he stole from local rugby league club.

In particular, the club’s rego money.

Each player with the club is required to register with the rugby league authority and the fee payable goes toward insurance, groundskeeping, referee costs as well as the uniform and kit.

“It’s about $260 each for the senior men’s and about a hundred bucks less for the kids and the girls,” said Dolphins President Alf Carton.

“All up, we think Lewis has taken off with close to $12000. We understand he’s in Greece with family but that’s all we know at this stage. The AFP and Interpol are hot on his tail, though,”

“It’s going to be one hell of a kangaroo court hearing when he gets back. He’s going to get the pizzling of a lifetime he is.”

Exactly where on the island the flyhalf-turned-fugitive is a mystery, but the effort to local him has been hampered by a lack of enthusiasm from the local authorities.

Sam Prospera from the island’s police department revealed to The Advocate that finding Karnava is quite low on his policing totem pole for now.

“Ah it’s the middle of summer, let him be,” said Prospera.

“When he runs out of money in the winter, he will surface.”

More to come.


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