Recently-relocated Betoota pilot, Captain John Scibson (55) has shocked the town today by revealing that his wife works in a career that has nothing to do with aviation.

After keeping to himself for a couple months, the regional commercial flight captain was spotted yarning to a few of the locals at the Lord Kidman hotel yesterday for the Cowboys vs Parra match.

After surprising everyone by proving that he was, in fact, a Parramatta Eels fan – it wasn’t nearly as shocking as what he revealed to the barman and surrounding patrons.

“Yeah, the wife has just started work at the Royal Hospital…” Says John, while finally letting down his guard and getting to know the locals.

Local grazier, Jack Pearson had to interrupt.

“Sorry what?” he said.

“Your wife isn’t a hostie, or a pilot herself”

John acts surprised – “No? She’s a surgeon”

The entire pub sits in silence. The barman, Kev, probes further.

“Is this your second wife or something? Did you meet her on a flight?” asks Kev.

“Nah I meet her through friends, twenty years ago” says an increasingly puzzled John.

The bar remains tense with an atmosphere that suggests everyone feels like they are being lied to.

“Did she used to be a hostie?” asks another regular, Sharon.

“No. I haven’t ever been romantically involved with a hostie, even when I was single” he retorts.

John continues offering more information, but struggles to make any lasting friendships as most of the pub already distrust him.




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