A frustrated Brendan Simpson decided to bloody well tell this giant telco what he thinks of it this afternoon, by lashing out at a call centre employee from the Philippines.

After ongoing issues with his internet, the 56-year-old worker in the commerce sector finally picked up the phone to sort it out.

After spending an hour on hold in the queue, the hot-headed Betootan was at boiling point when he finally started speaking to someone.

“Gee whizz that classical hold music with the intermittent “We value your business and thank you for your patience” drives me around the bend,” he said.

However, after a lengthy conversation where he was placed on hold another three times, the telco employee confirmed that there was, in fact, a problem with the line, but it would take 7-14 days to get an engineer out there to fix it.

At that point Brendan lost his mind, unleashing an irrationally vicious spray upon the young man over a host of other issues in his life.

“I just want to stream a fucking episode of the Big Bang Theory on my day off work, and I can’t because of this bloody internet.”

“I thought it was the kids who were using it all at first, but now that I have found out it’s the actual telco, and they haven’t helped me out!”

I will be contacting the ombudsman again!” he said.

“I’m not afraid of the bureaucracy involved in taking down these bureaucrats!”


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