Local cyclist, Anthony Loveridge (45) says inconsiderate drivers are plaguing his people.

“We feel unsafe all the time. They never let us in, they drive too slow”

While weaving through peak hour traffic on the way to his office, that doesn’t have shower facilities, Anthony says he gets irritated by these obnoxious cars who sit just under the speed limit. He says it’s not like Europe at all.

“Australian drivers don’t even understand what a peloton is. In Germany, white collar workers ride in packs of 48. Australians will barely even let eight of us past at once”

After 18 months of lycra, Loveridge says there’s only one way to get past the cars that are plaguing his mid-life crisis: Undertaking.

Overtaking on the inside or undertaking refers to the practice of overtaking a slower vehicle on a road using the lane that is curb side of the vehicle being passed. The practice of passing on the inside, usually only occurs on a motorway or other road where there is more than one lane in the same direction or when the width of the roads makes this possible.

Anthony doesn’t need a lane.

“I’m usually going a lot faster than them. They seem so concerned about hogging the middle of the road, so I just zip down the curb”

“It’s the only way to do it. They are so unsafe. They make me feel unsafe”



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