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As Gen Z have taken to Tik Tok to lambast millennials for their boring ‘minimalism’, it can now be confirmed that the reasons behind ‘millennial grey’ isn’t just lack of funds but the trickle down effect of the ‘grandparents house.’

Speaking to a lead researcher in trends, The Advocate learns that many millennials have opted to lead a minimalist lifestyle after witnessing their grandparents hoard a ridiculous amount of useless shit, which tends to include a lot of weird ceramic creatures and 50 clocks.

“The silent generation grew up poor, so they tend to exhibit a lot of hoarding behaviour”, explained Dr Sarah Fisher, “hence why they refuse to throw out that weird spoon collection or have a glass cupboard filled with the random, ugliest knick knacks you’ve ever seen.”

“Then you have the boomer generation, who are all about taking up as much space as possible.”

“Huge house, huge land, multiple cars.”

“So naturally, millennials tend to lean towards fewer things, and more neutral colours.”

“Which also helps when you’re living in a tiny, cramped apartment.”

More to come.


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