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A local woman has found herself grappling with her grandparents’ decision to go on a month-long cruise in the Caribbean, which she reckons is just a ‘pure waste of her inheritance’, seeing as they’re ‘almost guaranteed to get sick.’

Speaking to our reporter at the bustling CBD cafe, ‘Le Journal’, Leela Mason, 28, says she simply doesn’t understand the appeal of cruise ships.

“I just don’t get it”, Leela says as she takes a sip of her soy latte, “why would you choose to spend thousands of dollars on a floating petri dish, to essentially get gastro?”

“What’s the appeal?”

Letting out a ‘hmm I suppose’, our reporter enquires about Leela’s recent two week trip to Bali, and the three part Instagram stories she shared about suffering a severe case of Bali belly which resulted in her losing 15 kilos.

“Oh, ah, yeah but that’s… it’s not the same thing!”, she laughs, “it’s completely different.”

“I got like, all inclusive drinks and massages and stuff.”



More to come.


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