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Local metalhead Jay Degura has today really pushed the limits of his workplaces’ casual Friday tradition, rocking up in a vintage Cannibal Corpse long sleeve.

Jay is kinda new to this whole office culture, having spent the last three years trying to get his Kung Fu-Goregrind-Metalcore band off the ground.

“I started getting weird looks straight away,” Jay told us.

“Annie on reception has been really nice all week, but she just completely avoided eye contact this morning, and everyone else in the office did the same.”

Manager Jordyn Lee let us know “this one was probably on her.” 

“I probably shouldn’t hire people who’s most stable job over the last few years was running an underground record label. What does that even mean? He just went to gigs, screen printed a few shirts and smoked heaps of weed? Ah well, the good news is his bottom half of all black is perfectly acceptable. I’ll just have to chat with him about the top.”

“Do you think it’s the shirt?” the clueless metalhead asked us.

“Maybe Annie is more into Death or Obituary? I’ll try those shirts next week.”


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