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Major introvert Darcey Boyd has found herself having a blissful shopping spree this week, with reports she was able to spend more than five minutes in a store without being hit with a ‘hey babe!”

Speaking to The Advocate (via a series of Instagram dms), Darcey says that when it comes to clothes shopping, she loves nothing more than being left to her own devices.

And that nothing gets her out of a store faster than being hounded by an over zealous staff member who wants to know for the seventh time if you’d ‘like to try something on’, or ‘just letting you know we have a sale!’

Explaining that she can’t shop online due to ‘being a short arse’, Darcey admits there’s even some shops she actively avoids when she’s having one of her grumpy hermit days.

“The ones where they knock on the changing room door are pure hell for me”, she says, “please just leave me alone.”

However, Darcey reckons she’s noticed the tides changing recently, as younger staff members seem far less chirpy than their millennial and boomer counterparts – and she fucking loves it.

“I went into a store the other day, and the 19 year old at the counter was on his phone the whole time and didn’t even say hello to me.”

“Now that’s the customer experience I’m looking for.”

More to come.


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