He’s a web developer known for his Pop Vinyl collection and long comments defending DC films but there is more to 26-year-old Chris Jefferies than meets the eye. According to a co-worker of Jeffries, the mild-mannered web developer is mates with a military sniper.

Jeffries co-worker, who has asked to remain anonymous gave details of his discussion Jeffries where he detailed the nature of the relationship with an ex-army sniper.

“I asked him where he met him and he said “On the dark web. Where do you think?””

Murmurs of Jeffries friendship with the unnamed sniper have circulated around the Betoota developer scene in the past week.

“Chris told me, “We hang out at his place cause he’s got a massive TV. I still beat him at COD though.”

According to the anonymous source, Jeffries has met with this person several times and has even used the gun himself to shoot “tyres off moving cars,” and that he has plans to use “a scoped RPG on a police helicopter” if the situation

Our anonymous source states he reached out to us as he has some concern for the safety of others.

“He made a joke about the sniper paying his ex a visit and then mimed a shooting action. I never met his ex but apparently, she’s a model who splits her time between LA, Milan and Betoota so she needs to know about this.”


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