A local fourth-year bakers apprentice has this week wound up with a bit of extra cash than usual, after pulling off a cheeky Keno win during an Easter family gathering at Betoota Dolphins Leagues Club.

Dale Berrigan, 20, said he was just “feeling generous” when he reached for the 98% octane nozzle at the local Puma, in what he puts down to a random act of kindness.

“She’s been good to me” Dale said, rubbing the side mirror of his 1994 Nissan Pulsar. “She’s taken me and me mates all ‘round the place. I tell ya what, she’d have some stories to tell hahaha nah but seriously she deserves it, and I wanna see her kick on for a few more years yet. Plus, you know, probably get a few extra K’s out of her too”.

Back at home, Dale was surprised and a little upset to learn that his girlfriend, Deena, wasn’t as impressed with his charming deed as he’d initially believed she would be.

“Aaargh that’s such a fucking Dale thing to do” She told The Betoota Advocate.

“He’s always playing the ‘poor apprentice’ thing. I buy all the ciggies, all the food and says he’ll pay me back. Then he goes and buys the fancy fuel for his shitty car? Do you know how much that shit costs? Fuck my life, seriously.”

“She just doesn’t understand I guess” Dale said in response. “I’m doing her a favour. I’m gonna end up saving money anyway cos of the fuel economy and shit. It lasts way longer”.


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