A country that you feel like you should know more about, given it’s similarly colonial links to England, is dominating in an obscure sport that you only just found out was an official commonwealth games event.

The country, that could easily be from like the Caribbean or somewhere around the Gulf States, has a union jack on it’s flag and another symbol that you can’t make out – but it looks like it could be the Australian flag from a distance.

As day one of the 2018 Commonwealth Games comes to a close, the hosting audiences discover there’s heaps of countries that they’ve never heard of before.

“What the hell?” said one viewer, Joanie from South Betoota (40).

“Where the hell is Aden?”

“Or Anguilla? And that’s only the first two countries on this alphabetical list they gave me kid at school today”

Another viewer asked if any people that aren’t over 70 and from a quiet Australian suburb or small town play lawn bowls.

“Seriously. Who the hell else plays that competitively. Other than my Nanna and Pop” said Shelley from the French Quarter, 23.

“And what’s the mountain biking event? Where are they taking the things? Up to Mount Tamborine? How about Nimbin?”


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