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This time last year, most Sunday for Pierce Lewis and Emma Poncho were a struggle.

One of them would roll out of bed, feel the blood rush out of their brain as they made their way down to an Old City District cafe for caffeine and banana bread.

If times were especially bad, they’d come back with a pair of bacon & egg rolls.

But that was then, this is now.

The 26-year-olds have turned their backs on the drug and alcohol-fuelled weekends of yesteryear for a far more noble pursuit.


“It’s great fun,” said Peirce – who hasn’t seen any of his old friends for weeks.

“Can’t believe we used to spend all that money on drinks and uppers! Honestly, we’ve actually got savings now. Not sure what we’re saving for, it sure as shit isn’t a deposit. Perhaps some tickets to the Book of Mormon or something? [laughs] Everything is better now.”

Emma too was laughing as she echoed Pierce’s sentiments, explaining to The Advocate that she thought she’d have a hard time convincing him to give up the bag for a bit of Sunday cardio – but it was easy.

As she showed our reporter the bits and pieces they’d ordered online from IKEA, Pierce nodded along in agreement as he fidgeted with his hands and feet.

“We both haven’t had a drink in about a month,” said Emma.

“Our sleep has improved like crazy. We’re sleeping like private school kids after a huge day at Perisher. Plus we feel way better. Don’t we?”

Pierce nodded.

“Way better. My work has gotten better and everything. I don’t miss hanging out with the fellas on a hot Friday night. Don’t really miss jamming two or three hundred into Pelican Pete, throwing a few fish in his gullet. Don’t really miss a night escalating into a drug-fuelled haze that can only be brought to a close with a romper sucked through a Paul Newman salad dressing bottle.”

“I’ve got rollerblading now.”

More to come.



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