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Popular state-run weather service, the Bureau Of Meteorology, has broken with the usual modus operandi and successful forecast the weather today.

Early this morning, the Bureau boldly claimed in their smartphone application that the temperature at 12pm today would be 41℃ in the shade.

Lo and behold, it is.

“I can’t believe it,” said Dennis French, curator of the fern enclosure at the Royal Betoota Botanical Gardens.

“My ferns are very sensitive to temperature changes and I have to adjust the greenhouse to the outside ambient temperature accordingly. Usually, it’s all over the shop but today, the Bureau has been bang on the money,”

“I hope they make a habit of correctly forecasting the weather. I feel like I’m cheating a partner when I look at WeatherZone.”

The impressive return to form comes as the government agency correctly forecasted rain earlier this year.

Down to the hour, says one local grazier, telling The Advocate that when he checked the internet for the rain forecast in June this year, they told him to expect it at 2pm on the dot.

“I was blown away,” said Juan Generro, a South Betoota alpaca farmer.

“When it said to batten down the hatches come 2pm, I knew I had time to head out on the four-wheeler and check waters and whatnot, then at 2, the rain came down,”

“Amazing. But since then, the old BOM website has been very hit and miss. Until now, that is.”

More to come.



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