Alex Kambouris is one of those guys you kind of knew at high school and kind of got on well but that’s pretty much where it ended.

Even though you haven’t seen him since 2007 and have only heard his name brought up in conversations several times since then, he’s still contactable through social media if you need to get him.

It seems the sales rep at a prominent sign printing company in your home town had a bad run on the weekend, and it looks like he lost his phone, no idea how.

As a result, Kambouris (27) has taken to Facebook to notify all of his followers that he is only contactable on the platform for the foreseeable future.

Despite the fact that he hasn’t taken a call from his friends in the past two weeks, and the overwhelming majority of his communication with anyone outside of work and his parents takes place on Facebook or other social media platforms, Alex felt it was necessary to make a public announcement.

“Aw look, I just thought I would let people know just in case anyone is trying to give me a buzz,” he told one of our reporters.

“And I guess it doesn’t make me look like a little bit of a loose unit you know. Provides me with the opportunity to do the whole, “I don’t actually even know where I lost it,” spiel.”

“Anyway, do you any of you know how to install apps on this fucking iPad, I can’t remember my Apple ID” he said.

Alison Lisik, a school friend of Black’s who hasn’t seen him since Christmas, told The Advocate that she was thankful for the update, and would definitely take note.

“Yeah, it’s great to know. Imagine if for some reason I tried to call him, and couldn’t get through. I would be rocked, so now at least I am not in for any nasty surprises,” she said.


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