The likes are flowing on some gratuitous social media this evening, as a local couple proudly announce their engagement on Facebook.

The Advocate understands that after two and half years of dating, local couple Shaun and Sharlee Hammersmith have decided to tell the world they’re committed to shagging each other for at least the next 10 years, by posting a touching photoshoot online.

Uploading some images onto the feed which feature the couple wearing matching white linen shirts and walking hand in hand in the paddocks outside of town, it’s believed the pair used a local photographer, ‘Moments by Shelly’, to capture their romance taking flight.

“Mate, Shar wanted to do this photoshoot, I had nothing to do with it,” Shaun complained to The Advocate after spending his Sunday morning trudging through some local bush scrub.

“Her mate is a wedding photographer who charged us mates rates, I guess I had no choice.”

However as a fencing contractor who exclusively lives in either work boots or thongs from Big W, it’s alleged Shaun was forced to fork out some cash to buy a pair of all white shoes to fit the photoshoot theme, and as such, proceeded to buy a pair of White Air Max sneakers from the Culture Kings in downtown Betoota.

Asked whether today’s photoshoot would be making a surface on his own Instagram page, Shaun admitted that he might have no choice on the matter but was also kind of keen to show off his new kicks.

“Mate if I post a shot of me spooning her in a patch of long grass, the boys will rinse me,” Shaun admitted to our reporter.

“Although if it makes her happy and buys me two years of having to put a down payment on a wedding venue, I might just have to.”

“This whole engagement thing is gonna cost me a lot more than a pair of Air Maxes, I can already tell!”

More to come.


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