An ambitious career-girl is enjoying a long online shopping session this evening, excited by the fact she soon may have a reason to update her work wardrobe. 

Following three rounds of job interviews, local Financial Analyst Samantha Bridge (26) is believed to have multiple tabs open and discount codes ready to fire, as she imaginatively curates her next batch of Monday-Friday wear.

After working the past two years as a Junior Financial Analyst at KP Morgan’s Betoota office, young Bridge has told The Advocate she’s looking forward to a potential new role in a trendy tech start-up, that openly welcomes Birkenstocks and hippy pants in the office.

Speaking to The Advocate, Miss Bridge admitted she was pretty excited to bump her Manhattan-inspired Wall Street attire, and trade down to a chic new set of cool, communal workspace-friendly threads.

“I honestly can’t wait to burn all these stiff pencil skirts and blouses I wear at this stuffy finance firm.”

“This new gig is actually one of those ping-pong table in the reception, soda water in the tap kinda vibes, so I think I might need to invest in some new sneakers, or go super bold and roll in with a vintage 2000’s Olympics bomber jacket.”

Asked about the next steps in the process for her new job, Bridge told our reporter she was cleaning up her social media profile and studying for an upcoming personality test.

“Yeah this start-up is pretty new age, instead of a police background check they actually trawl through your Instagram account to make sure you’ve never ridden an elephant in Thailand before…”

“As for the personality test, in a Myers Briggs I’m actually an INTP-The Logician, so I might have to skew some answers cos there’s no way someone that rolls into an office in a pair of yellow gumboots and colour matched socks could that introverted”

“They’ll catch me out!”


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