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You only turn 18 once and last night it was Debbie Granger’s turn.

The local student didn’t let the fact that it was a Monday night rain on her birthday parade, inviting her closest 30 friends over last night for a few coming-of-age drinks.

In that exclusive group was Willis Elrond Hazzard, a spritely young man that was lucky enough to turn 18 a few weeks earlier.

With him, he brought his Godfather’s present.

“My full name is engraved in it,” said Willis, as he unholstered the flask from the front pocket of his Rivers jeans.

“My middle name is Elrond, after Hugo Weaving in Lord of the Rings. Anyway, you want some of this? It’s good shit,”

Hazzard then went on to explain to our reporters that the ‘good shit’ he was talking about was Cointreau, which he pinched from his parent’s liquor cabinet shortly before leaving home.

Despite insisting numerous times, Willis was unable to get any of our reporters to enjoy a swig from his hip flask.

“More for me then, I guess,” he laughed.

“Oi but this is a great party, aye? Debbie’s a solid chick; so much fun, hey?”

“Do you reckon I’m on or nah?”

Shortly before our reporters left the party a few hours later, Hazzard was seen writhing around in the front garden dry heaving.

More to come.



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