30 November, 2015 14:45


Josh Ostrovsky, aka ‘The Fat Jew,’ rakes in six figures from his joke-sharing Instagram account and has recently landed several sponsorship deals. As a controversial figure in the world of internet humour, it is assumed by many that The Fat Jew is the current ‘face’ of contemporary comedy.

However one man, who has actually met ‘The Fat Jew’ in person, says he is “mercilessly, painfully not-funny”.

Brian Teys, a 34-year-old flight attendant was tasked with working one on one with Mr Ostrovsky for an entire 5-hour flight from New York to Los Angeles on a private jet.

“Man, he is so lame,” says Mr Teys.

“He spent the entire time making such stupid jokes,”

“…The type of jokes you would expect to hear from a drug addict who is trying to pretend they are not a drug addict at a family reunion,”

“He is not funny. I saw it in person… He spent hours scouring through websites of lesser-known comedians and comedy outfits,”

“He would have spent most of that time screenshotting browncardigan.com jokes on his iPhone… What a sad, hollow existence,”

This is not the first time the man also known as @TheFatJewish has been criticised for his lack of talent, the man is loved by the consumers, and hated by creators of online content.

Everyone, including The Fat Jew himself, acknowledges that his role is that of nothing more than a joke-retailer. He doesn’t make them up, and for a long time pretended he did.

His following of nearly 8 million people on both Facebook and Twitter has solidified his nickname into households right around the world. However, no mainstream networks will go near him, this because they are informed by professionals that he represents everything that is wrong with online aggregation of comedy.

Mr Teys says it all. “I don’t even think he writes the captions,”

“He’s not a real memetrepenuer. The most authentic thing about him is his name. I can’t argue that he is in fact a fat Jew – but I would argue that he probably didn’t even make that nickname up.”



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