Friends of recently-single local woman, Jade Eddex (27), say they’ve been keeping a close eye on her over the last few months.

With a messy break-up still fresh in her mind, Jade has made a point of doing heaps of different things – now that she has a lot more free time.

Namely, organising a catch up with the wrong crowd.

While her friends are urging her to please not make life harder for herself by condemning her next working week with an almighty comedown – there’s a lot more at play than simply having a party.

It’s mostly due to the fact that her ex (Johnny, 31, fuckwit) used to absolutely despise these people. And for good reason too, when you consider just how problematic their lifestyles are, and their penchant for dragging other people down to their own level of pointless benders and shit talk.

“I haven’t seen them in agesssss” says Jade, her mouth now salivating at the thought of tomorrow’s sunrise finish.

Her justifications of catching up with the only people she knows who still do Class A drugs every single weekend is failing to convince her girlfriends that this is a good idea, even the ones that introduced her to this crowd.

“Tyrone and Michaelya are a really sweet couple when you get to know them. I wanna hear more about this health supplements business they have been telling me about”


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