Despite the fact that two of his three sons have actually spent time in holding cells for punching on, local dad, Greg Lovett (66) is the only member of his family that actually knows what a real blue looks like.

While he doesn’t often talk about his younger years – it is assumed by most male acquaintances that Mr Lovett did, and still does, know how to get down if he has to.

Surprisingly, the semi-retired restaurant owner is regarded as somewhat of a ‘gentle giant’ by most of the females in his life, with his wife’s bridge club often complimenting his well-rounded domestic skills and fatherly demeanour.

It is Greg’s sons and their friends who have the greatest insight into the old man’s ‘other side’, after he let a few ‘yarns’ slip during the oldest boy’s bucks party several years ago.

Today, Greg’s wife has been told him to be on his best behaviour, as his 24-year-old daughter Alison introduces her new boyfriend, Nathan, to the family for the first time.

With his wife’s loving hand gently stroking his shoulder, Greg refuses to break eye contact with his baby’s new man – only addressing him each time he leaves the room to get another cold drink.

“You right for a beer, mate?” says Greg, who once knocked out a police officer during a NSWRL grand final in his twenties.

“Umm… Yes please. Um.. Thanks mate,” says the heavily tattooed boyfriend, who is very well aware that Greg would definitely still have him.

“No worries. You driving? You’ll be right.” says Greg, before allowing Nathan to answer the initial question.

With his three sons sitting on the patio watching their sister’s boyfriend tremble, Greg’s wife and daughter have absolutely no idea of the tension that is currently filling the room.

“Where’d you two meet each other again?” asks Greg, knowing full well that Nathan is now going to have to recount a drunken one night stand with his only daughter.


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