23 February, 2016. 16:45

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IN 2001, SHANE WARNE was clubbed over the rope for six runs by a little-known Zimbabwean batsman by the name of Stuart Carlisle, during a friendly one day international between our two nations.

It would’ve been like any other match, but Warne immortalised Carlisle the only way he could.

Watching the ball sail over the boundary, the legspinner bent over and spoke directly into the stump microphone – broadcasting his immortal sledge into the lounge rooms of sports fans around the world.

“You fucking arsey c**t,” said Warne, loud and clear.

Since then, people are still being shocked by the way Australian cricketers conduct themselves while out in the middle.

The incumbent national side is drawing fire currently for asking who the third fucking umpire was during the Second Test with New Zealand today.

“I don’t know why they’re blowing up about it,” said Warne.

Warney, before he convinced himself he was hot.
Warney, before he convinced himself he was hot.

“Anybody who’s played against Australia will tell you that we don’t mind dropping a few fucks, c**ts or whatevers out on the oval – it’s not like it’s high tea at Nan’s place now is it?”

This time, it’s the unsurprisingly sheepish Kiwi team who’ve been offended by the Australians, as they have been so many times in the past.

The home commentary team took exceptional offence to bowler Josh Hazelwood and captain Steve Smith accosting the umpire out on the pitch, after they deferred a call to the third umpire.

Both Smith and Hazelwood were sure that in-form Kiwi dangerman Kane Williamson was out LBW, but hotspot proved otherwise – but the Aussie weren’t having a bar of it.

“It’s not against the fucking rules for me to ask who the fucking third umpire is,” said Hazelwood.

“That’s all I fucking asked now I’ve got every c**t breathing down my neck, telling me to pull my fucking head in and to stop acting like a silly c**t. Jesus.”

Play continues with the home side leading the tourists by 176 runs in the second innings.



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